Version 1.2


Just $2.99 at the App Store


  • Control your music with simple Gestures, great when you can’t (or shouldn’t) look at the screen— like while driving.

  • Customize your player by choosing from over 50 included Themes (and download more)

  • Create personalized Themes to match your car’s dashboard and Share them with your friends

  • Quickly switch between Day/Night Themes and brightness levels

  • Playlist Bar (at top) provides instant access to your playlists and music

  • Panels Bar (at bottom) provides quick access to controls and info

  • Share current song info by auto-posting to your Twitter and Facebook pages

  • The entire app works in Landscape or Portrait and you can lock the orientation


Requires an iPod touch or iPhone with OS 3.1 or newer.


Customizable Music Player (great for the car)

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Control your music with gestures. Why hunt for small buttons when your entire screen can be one big button? Customize gestures to control the actions you want— a safer alternative while driving.

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Welcome to TuTuneMe!
Welcome to TuTuneMe!

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Play it Safe. Make driving a little safer with gestures, larger text (easily read at a distance), brightness controls, and day/night modes.

Bigger Buttons. Why hunt for small buttons when your entire screen can be one big button? Tap to play or pause the music. Swipe up and down to change volume, and much more.

Like the Photos app: Pinch the screen to resize album covers and song/artist/album text. Drag album covers to change songs.

Hand Glyph Have it your way. Edit gestures and change what they do. Assign up to 18 different finger gestures, and choose from several dozen possible actions.

Lock it down. There’s even a gesture to lock the screen and temporarily disable all other gestures.